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07 October 2010 @ 02:12 pm
[colo(u)rs tcg] Log post  

colo(u)rs_tcg log

Starter Pack: blackrose02, blackrose08, driving06, jealousy15, maiden05, mameshiba13, mirage11, porn11
+creampuff16, tea02 after card post update
Deck Release: eternal01, mercurius17, curious09, hummingbird11, elegance01, secondlife10, oolong08, and gunjou04 (purple choice: burgers01)
Trade: love_michiyuki driving06 for stardust18
Trade: experienced mercurius17 for stardust07
Trade: hushlust curious09 for blackrose07
Trade: pierrott hummingbird11 for stardust11
Trade: lucathia_rykatu elegance01 and secondlife10 for blackrose01/10
Trade: moon_wolfwriter oolong08 for stardust03
Trade: kikai7 maiden05 for burger04

Trade: creampuff16 for blackrose13 with galearc
Trade: gunjou04 for blackrose03 with mongoosehwrs
Gifted: burgers12 from moogles4ever
Won: lapistier07 and disgusting19 in Host Club Giveaway 40

Won: bored06, chain19, and india07 in Reading Between the Lines 44
Exchanged: mirage11 for pianist19 in Switch it Up 44

Won: samekh07, guns01, steak16, turtle08, and 1 orange crayon in Beauty Pageant 42
Trade: india07 for blackrose14 with phibby
Trade: guns01 for stardust13 with arushiraoi
Gifted: blackrose19 from arushiraoi

Won: godofdeath14, seahorse09, and royalguard01 in Scrapbook 32

Received: black rose 04/06/11, burgers18, and logic 07/12/15/16/18/20 from Recycled Art
Won: torment17 and suave15 in Conan's Clues 79

Valentines Day Event: cain03 THE VALENTINES EDITION (what even?)
Won: oni20, bard07, primo19, shinsou07, and 1 yellow crayon in Pick a Color 40
Won: sommelier11 and liberate20 in Art Lesson with Rukia 88
Won: violin12, libra04, and tianzi10 in Ryoga's Directions 41

Trade: libra04 and violin12 for blackrose15/18 with realistic_soul
Won: cheer01, katana19, christmas09, kingo17, and steak09 in Graffiti 41
Trade: primo19 for stardust with moon_wolfwriter

Trade: godofdeath14 for stardust05 with futachimaru
Trade: shinsou07 for stardust08 with vriska
Received: Three (Jiyu) signature cards
Won: tianzi16, faust02, and sand20 in Neku's Music Station 80
Received: burgers05/06/08/10/11/20, key01/09/11, and stardust12 from Recycled Art

Received: gynoid10, falchion04, kingkazma04, and grey crayon from Donate a Deck

Trade: faust02 for stardust09 with 00zags

Received: burgers07, key02/03/06/08/10/19, and locket02/10/16 from Recycled Art
Won: bloodshot10, latvia16, and amusement06 in Reading Between the Lines 45
Won: cutegirls20 and bigkitty14 in Host Club Giveaway 41
Trade: suave15 and lapistier07 for burgers09, key15, and a red crayon with perarduaadast (20)

Trade: samekh07 for birthmark15 with stopping
Won: angel13 and complex09 in Conan's Clues 81

Deck Release: song15, license08, landlady15, gryphon05, massacre20, respect19, harmony01, lovey-dovey10, and unknown18 (2/3 choice: stardust02; donated: qipao05)
Received: ariadoney02, birthmark07/08/13/17, key12, locket13/14/15, and logic06 from Recycled Art
Trade: landlady15 for red crayon with arushiraoi
Trade: gryphon05 for red crayon with shamuon
Trade: massacre20 for red crayon with moon_wolfwriter
Trade: respect19 and complex09 for red crayon and birthmark18 with nerrin
Trade: harmony01 for song07 with nyxnoxbox
Won: impatience10 in Pick a Color 41

Trade: unknown18 for song19 with love_michiyuki
Trade: lovey-dovey10 for song13 with kikinioth
Received: psychic06, theend16, blackrose05, and a purple crayon for Levelling Up

Received: protect01/07/11/13/17/20 and Russia02/09/16/17 from Recycled Art
Trade: futachimaru falchion04 for key07
Trade: snackoos sand20 for blackrose09

Trade: miyasaikou christmas09, sommelier11 and steak16 for song17 and key04/20

Trade: achuu tianzi10 for burgers16
Won: sukonbu16 and bellflower08 from Art Lesson with Rukia 92
Won: channel05, luckystars04, and justice16 from Reading Between the Lines 46

Received: blackrose12/16/17/20, cocteau20, jumeau03, and 1 yellow crayon for trading in 4 red crayons and 1 sketchpad at the Art Shop
Received: key17, locket17, magic05/12, saiyaman01/15/16/19, science07, and whirlwind12 from Recycled Art
Won: small11 and mushi19 from Host Club Giveaway 43
Trade: azurei seahorse09 for pianist04

Received: sex17, thumbsup09, stardust01, and 1 grey crayon from mastering Black Rose
Trade: kelliedee channel05, luckystars04, and tianzi16 for burgers19, birthmark05, and saiyaman07
Gift: kelliedee locket09
Trade: shamuon oni20 for logic01
Won: innocent09, janken06, and thief16 from Neku's Music Station 85

Trade: nerrin jumeau03 for protect15
Won: icequeen07 and zephyr03 from Pick a Color 42
Trade: snackoos liberate20, katana19, and king kazma04 for key05, burgers13, and logic09 (20)

Trade: moon_wolfwriter bellflower08 for stardust14

Received: full moon01, onion01/03/04/05/06/08, pharaoh17, and Ukraine06/13 from Recycled Art
Won: suzaku12 and paradox11 in Guess the Color 88
Won: stitches17, bondage20, and johto06 in Scrapbook 34

Trade: jessiss stitches17 for protect02
Trade: 00zags license08 for song12
Won: underwear04, archery16, and aimo20 in Reading Between the Lines 47
Won: promise08 and bartender03 in Art Lesson with Rukia 94
Received: curepassion19, sensei11, billiards19, tanabata07, lure13, flute02, observe05 and illness10 from Colors' Shopping Street #2

Trade: pierrott turtle08 and theend16 for logic05 and iris07
Trade: miyasaikou sensei11 for reporter04
Trade: ulquiorrasch innocent09 and steak09 for whirlwind13/19
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